Thursday, February 9, 2012

Creating Your Perfect Portrait

Specializing in fine portraits of Families, Children and high school Seniors for over 30 years in Hawaii.

Creating Your Perfect Portrait is the title of my new book! It's my 3rd book, and it's my first book of it's kind.

My first book was a collection of anecdotes and thoughts that I felt impelled to write after I turned 50 years of age, and is titled, "Epiphanies Of The 50th Year". My second book is a coffee table book of portraits, and featured 12 portraits I created as a personal project in 2004 called "Local Heroes" along with many others.

Creating Your Perfect Portrait is dedicated to people who have an appreciation for fine photography, and are wanting to have a better than average portrait created. It is full of information that is intended to help people to achieve that goal.

There are chapters that deal with the process of interviewing photographers to find the one that is right for YOU. Everyone has specific needs and desires, and not all photographers are right for every person! I know I'm not the right photographer for everyone...and neither is any other photographer! So there's a chapter on questions to ask the photographers you are considering, and the answers that you should hear in response.

There's a chapter on what you should expect of the experience once you've hired a photographer, a chapter on what kinds of portrait products are available, a chapter on how to prepare for the photo session, what kind of timelines you should expect, and even a chapter on how to display and care for your portraits.

My goal is to begin distribution of the book by mid March. Meanwhile, in upcoming posts I will be sharing excerpts from the book. If you are interested in ordering a copy, let me know!

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