Thursday, January 26, 2012


Specializing in fine portraits of Families, Children and high school Seniors for over 30 years in Hawaii.

Yesterday, 1/25/2012 I received one of the greatest testimonials I've ever received! It was better than most because of the specific, enlightened appreciation that my client expressed.

I want to mention that this client invested several thousand dollars in their portraits...I'm not disclosing this because I want to brag about myself, but because it's validation and verification of my belief that portraits, especially Family Portraits are more valuable than most material possessions.

Besides all the wonderful, beautiful expressions of how much they all love the portraits, how great the experience was, how fabulous they turned out, and how they "are the talk of the town of Gallup, New Mexico", my client commented specifically about how beautiful the day was, (when we did the photography), and that "the lighting was perfect"..."everything was perfect!"

And it's was a beautiful day, the weather was great...and the natural light was good. But it was the artwork that I did after the photography: saturating the sky; bringing up the clouds; and adding light by use of speedlights at the location, and then painting the faces in post production that made the finished portraits look "perfect"!

My client couldn't tell that I did all that to the portraits because it looked so natural. Only I know all that I did to improve on what was captured in camera. But I do know, and it's very gratifying when a client says: "You made it perfect!" "Your work is worth every penny of investment!" (She actually repeated that statement 3 times!)

Price is what you Pay: VALUE is what you Get!

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