Saturday, April 9, 2011

Will The REAL Expert Please Stand Up!

Wow! I'm concerned about something that I'm actually surprised even came up to my conscious mind! (I was watching TV when this occurred to me.)

Do you ever watch TV? Do you look at and read ads in magazines or the newspaper? What about ads on the internet...Ever see one of those?

My question is: Are there really that many experts?! I mean qualified authorities with proven track records, and who have the solution to whatever problem you might be facing, such as: Exercise; Nutrition; Fat loss; Erectile dysfunction; Sleeping disorders; Dry eye; on and on???

Some years ago there used to be a game show on TV called "To Tell The Truth". They would have one person who really was an airline pilot, a plumber, a professional auto racer, etc, etc, and three other people who would pretend to be that genuine (whatever) and do their best to fool a panel of contestants into believing they were the real deal.

As I recall, (I was pretty young back when that show was on), the fakers would get money for the votes they got by fooling the panel of "guessers" into believing they were the real deal. At the end the host would say, "Will the REAL____ please stand up!" And still the fakers would continue to play the part and pretend they were about to stand up! Finally the real (whatever it was) would stand up.

I think it was the first presidential campaign that JF Kennedy won when it was pronounced that from then on television and the way a person appeared on TV would be the determining factor as to who would win. Interesting, eh? Not the facts, the record or the platform...The way they appeared on TV!

There's certainly no question that television is a major influencer in society today. And so is the internet and even the printed word such as ads in magazines and newspapers. All these ads present their pitch as if they are THE foremost authority on the subject, and their product is the obvious choice. They even have testimonials...Of course they may be from actors paid to give them... They expect us to believe them! But should we?

Have you ever noticed some of the disclaimers and "side effects" associated with the use of their products and advise? Some even include the possibility of causing death! Holy Smokes, Batman!

So, my conclusion is that NO! They don't have the answers...But they present slick, believable appearances, and use proven psychologically intimidating and or convincing statements. But we should not trust and believe them just on their say so! I just want to remind you to use your thinking ability when considering decisions about buying and using products and services being pitched in such high-powered ways.

We should ask questions. Questions such as; What is the Guarantee? How long has the business been in business? What is their track record? Are there unresolved complaints about the business or product registered with the Better Business Bureau?

Those are my thoughts... Be well! Don't be duped!

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